Flower Prototype, Take 3

Ooops! This should have been posted last Friday, but I forgot to schedule the post again. For some reason those "publish" and "schedule post"-buttons are scary and hard to remember.. ;)

Anyway: more flower prototyping! Finally the graphics are getting implemented, and it starts to look like the way it should. As before, the main goal is to manage the spawning flowers while making sure the big one isn't able to heal and shield them:

Once you've dealt enough damage to the big one, it'll get angry and spew a solar beam towards you. We experimented with it spitting seeds at you, but we thought this looked better and more clear in the end:

As you get further into the battle, the flower will launch multiple beams, with a maximum of 3 towards the end of the fight:

At the same time, the flowers around it will explode, launching projectiles you have to dodge. We're still thinking about whether the exploding flowers should look different from the poisonous ones, and whether they should explode earlier than in these GIFs or if it's better the way it is now, that they have a little charge time before the explosion.

Once we've made the final adjustments to this fight (which is almost ready now!) I'll finally be able to make a proper background for it - this is just a placeholder made by copy-pasting previously made areas. In the final version, there will be a door blocked by vines, which will open up once you defeat the flower :)
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  2. Hello. :D

    1.) These yellow projectiles spawned by the exploding flowers are new I guess? Or are they from Phaseman/ Gun-D4M? :P

    2.) I guess on hard there'll be even more of a bullet-hell due to more flowers spawning?

    3.) Suggestion for Hard difficulty: Let the flower start with two lasers and work your way up to 4. ;) So one more laser (4 on a maximum) for Hard difficulty. Oh and as mentioned in 2.) more spawning flowers (or as an alternative an exploding flower spawns more bullets). Did I mention I have a sick mind? xD

    3.) Very, very nice visual work there, I love how there's two faces on that flower when it shoots 2 beams. :)

    4.) I just noticed something: These flowers explode even before the laser beam hits them. I'd make them explode or trigger the explosion animation once the beam of the big flower hits them.

    1. Hi :D

      1. They are new :)

      2. Yes that sounds likely (Teddy is usually the ones who tweaks the difference between normal/hard)

      3. That's a cool idea!

      3. Thanks, I'll pass your compliment on to Fred who is the awesomest animator :D

      4. It worked like that before, but we're gonna make it so that the flowers explode almost instantly after spawning instead (so we're gonna speed things up a bit compared to the GIFs here), so you have to look out for projectiles from all over the map :3

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