Mt Bloom Transition Map

Note: This is the last blog post of this year :O
I'll be back again January 4th!

I'm going away to visit my parents for a few days, then it's back home to celebrate christmas with my boyfriend and the cats! I'll probably keep working now and then throughout the holidays, but it will definitely be more sporadic so I'm not gonna focus on making any blog posts during this time.

BUT! First it's time for another Mt Bloom background! We were missing a "transition map" between one of the cave systems and the map with the statue, so I went ahead and whipped one together. 

Unfortunately I failed to record a bunch of stuff (don't ask me why!!! I swear I pressed the record button!!!!), including the bridge which kind of appears out of nowhere now. OH WELL... T_T

Now, I wish you all a happy holiday and I hope you have enough time to do the things you enjoy! Merry Christmas :D 
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