Poison Challenge Prototype - A Walkthrough

As I mentioned a while ago, we've started working on the Poison Challenge as well! Before, we just played around with the effects, but now we've actually made a prototype of the challenge itself. 

Here's a little walkthrough of what it looks like right now! As always, the graphics are 100% WIP:

The challenge begins with a quick and easy trial, to get from one safe part of the area to another! The distance here is very short and there aren't any obstacles, it's mainly there for the player to learn how the poison works (that is, you don't take damage if you're not in it)!

After that, you have to run through a slightly longer corridor, where you'll actually be forced to take a bit of damage. However, at the next safe area, there will be crystals with health orbs inside of them (not made yet, so for now the orbs are just floating there), which teaches the player that destroying these crystals will give you HP.

Next up, you're actually forced into a little bit of a fight. I'm pretty sure it's impossible not to take any damage here as well - even if you dodge all the enemies, the poison will get you eventually.

However! There will be a bunch of those crystals with health orbs in them here as well, so at strategic times in the battle you can go grab one or two to keep yourself afloat. Remember not to use them all at once, or if your HP is full, or you might get in trouble later in the fight!

After the battle, you'll run through the corridor and reach another safe space, where you can replenish your health with more health orbs, yay!

But you're not done yet! After another poisonous corridor, a new battle takes place, and this one is a bit more tough than the previous one. As always, there are crystals with health orbs present, but in this battle it's even more important to think twice about when to use them!

After this, you are finally done, and you'll pass through a room where your reward - the treasure chest - will be. From that room another set of stairs will lead you to the beginning of the room, where you can exit back into the rest of Mt Bloom safely :) 

It's a little bit different from the other two challenges, but I think it's gonna be fun. We're gonna make sure it doesn't get too stressful in Normal, which I know will be a concern - hopefully we'll be able to reach a balance where it's challenging without causing a lot of anxiety!
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  1. For the first time, I have to react with a little bit of "meh", sorry. :/

    I mean, the prototype is okay and all but what you described there is two battles for the poison room challenge. So it only comes down to fighting challenges. As I mentioned before I'd rather like to see a bit of change like either navigating through a corridor with traps and spikes or having to solve a block puzzle rather quickly.

    The thing is honestly that right now all of these challenges are somewhat docusing on fighting and I'd like to see a bit of variety as would most of the players. While the idea with the poison is genius and definiately unqiue and original it's jsut using it for fights. I agree that there should be one fight arena in this poison challenge as well. But let's look at it: the awesome flower challenge is a fighting challenge obviously, the Spinsect challenge is mostly a fighting challenge as well as you need to hit and fight these Spinsects and hit them in a way that they hit the big boulder. Outside of these challenges you fght the normal Mt Bloom enemies, after the challenges there's a mini boss fight. I think taking a break from fighting in this challenge would be a much welcomed change of pace. :)

    Again, this is just my nitpicking and other people might see it totally different, but yeah, that's my oppinion on this matter. :)

    1. I can definitely see how this challenge looks a bit underwhelming & battle focused in theory, however it feels a lot different when you actually play it, compared to what it looks like in the GIFs!

      At least, for me personally, the challenge doesn't feel like it's about battling enemies at all - it's about timing when I use health orbs so I don't run out of HP due to the poison (which deals a % of your health in damage everytime it ticks, so it becomes quite stressful regardless of what level you are)

      However, with that said - we're looking to add more things do to in between the poison corridors & battles. Currently we're prototyping a set of phase shift puzzles that would appear in non-poison rooms in the middle of this poison course, and we're also planning to add more obstacles to the poison course itself in terms of bushes and crates that block the way. Hopefully, in the end, it'll all be balanced and fun :3