Upcoming Design: Time Travel Enemies!

During our latest fast food meeting we didn't talk only about the mini-boss - we discussed the upcoming enemies of the temple as well!

We weren't sure exactly what route we wanted to go for the temple enemies, if we wanted to take the undead route or "abandoned & overgrown" route, but in the end we settled for the later (we have a bunch of upcoming undead things later in the game anyway)!

During our brainstorm session, we came up with 4 different types of enemies for the temple, all of which are subject to change as we prototype, but who we're quite happy with right now:

The Statue
The statue will work pretty similarly to the puzzle block enemy in one of the caves of Seasonne - basically, it'll be a statue that jumps around the map, sending shockwaves in a couple different patterns, that deal damage upon impact.

The monkey enemies will be quick and annoying, jumping around you. They will also be able to throw any barrels they find in the environment, so be careful!

These little fellas will burrow around underground, dealing damage with their spiked backs. They're invincible as long as they're underground, but will come up to look around every once in a while.

Summon Vines
This enemy isn't an attacker itself, but summons vines here and there that whip you if you get too close to them - pretty much like your own summon plant ability. We haven't decided if you can kill the summoned vines one by one, yet, or if they will be unkillable until you defeat their summoner, at which point they all disappear.

These are all pretty basic, so we might end up adding more enemies to the bunch - but we'll start off with these and see how it feels. It's gonna be a lot easier telling what other enemy type is needed once we have a working prototype up and running, after all!
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  1. I would love to see another blob/slime enemy, perhaps a purple or black blob. Because of the time theme, perhaps they could randomly teleport next to you, then you have X amount of seconds to kill or run away from the Teleporting Slime, before it wraps you in its gunk/jelly. If you fail to kill it or get far away from it, you will be turned into a block of slime. Dealing a lot of Damage and you have to repeated hit your Sword button to slice your way out before you die.

    1. It could also sting you, leaving you with 20 seconds worth of poison exposure (like in the Poisonous gas room in Mt.Bloom).

    2. That's a cool idea, thanks for your comment :D

  2. Nice enemy ideas though I miss the Asian touch of those. I would have liked to see a Ninja enemy or an Asian Wizard/ monk enemy.

    1. Also Money as an enemy. :D Didn't know the temple was full of fiendish Moneys. :P

    2. Haha ooops, nice catch :D Would be pretty cool to have a money enemy though XD

    3. Yeah a Mimic. :D

      But yeah, maybe you could add a Samurai/ Ninja enemy to this list. :) These would basically be cool melee enemies that have some nice sword moves (quick cuts and maybe a jumping attack) and can attack you with Shurikens from a distance. ;)

    4. The reason we don't want to add humanoid here is that we want to focus on giving the impression that the village has been abandoned for a looong time, causing both plant life and animals to go wild in the meanwhile!

      I was really interested in adding some asian-themed undead enemies, but since we've already planned an extensive undead themed dungeon (the 4th one), we thought we'd keep this one undead free so it won't get overdone. Otherwise I'd like to have added some undead samurai's or such, they would have been super cool! But for now we'll focus on the "abandoned" theme, which hopefully will end up feeling nice in the end.

      I wrote this in the forums, and I'm not sure how clear I've been in the blog so far, but in the past version of the village you actually won't encounter any regular battles, as the village is still a live village filled with people! It's a bit of a risk we take, seeing how different this will seem compared to the other temples, but I think it can be really cool if we do it right! Basically, being in the present will focus more on battling the surrounding area gone wild, while in the past you'll talk to people who lived there. And in both of the worlds, you'll solve a bunch of different puzzles, of course :)

  3. That sounds interesting. :) Puzzles are always fun. I wonder if the main boss of the third temple will fit the abondened theme as well.

    Heh, so the 4th temple is an undead themed dungeon. Oh please let it be a Pyramid with not only undead enemies, but also some cryptic puzzles and of course traps. :) That would be super awesome. And of course I hope that the 4th major boss (the end boss of dungeon 4) will also be undead themed.

  4. Hmm, may I ask a question out of interest?

    You mentioned that the 4th dungeon is majorly undead themed and it's located in a desert. So I assume it's a tomb or a pyramid.
    As for the interior will it consist of the stones we see on some of the desert maps (best example being the huge bow like structure with the minotaurus head)? And in this light brown/ beige colour? Cause these look pretty amazing. :)

    Also it would be cool if the walls could have drawings on them (again just like said bow with the head drawn onto it). Something similiar to hyroglyphs.