Phase Puzzle Lobby (Base)

Let's end this week with a new background (or the beginning of one, anyway)! This is the first room, or lobby, of the Phase Puzzle challenge part of Mount Bloom! We're taking our inspiration from Flying Fortress for this one, the story being that some group from that old civilization was practicing different ways to use the new Phasing mechanic, creating these trials or puzzles as a result. 

One of these days I'll be making the actual entrance to this map as well, which will be connected to one of the poison-challenge maps.


Walls & Floors stripped from Flying Fortress

Some kind of path!

Adding some machines & decor...

A bunch of crystals under glass, how odd!

Editing the size & placement of the objects - then we're done!
In the next post I'll be adding a bunch of details to this map from the sketch - vines breaking through, parts of the phase puzzle blocks, and so on, basically giving the map it's finishing touches :) For now though, this works as a base!

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