Phase Puzzle Lobby - Details!

Time to finish up that background from last Friday! As a reminder, here's where we left off:

As this is the lobby, or first room of the complex designed to house a set of phase puzzles, I wanted to incorporate parts of the puzzle blocks in the design. Good thing that Fred finished them while I was taking a little break from the background: 

So, as I start to decorate and add a bit of detail to this area, I simply break apart and edit these sprites, and turn them into new things, more suited to lie around in an abandoned place such as this: 

I thought that the machines looked a bit weird being all in the same color, especially given how colorful these new items are, so I went ahead and edited the colors of two of them and threw in some more decorative junk lying around:

And as this place is inside of Mt. Bloom, it wouldn't be complete without some greenery, right? Sketching it here:

And here's the more detailed vines, after spending quite a while on fleshing each of them out (phew, my hand):

Finally, I add moss & flowers, and make some tiny color edits here and there:

And here's the GIF of the whole process, featuring another bunch of steps which felt too boring to write about here (which order I made the objects, changing where they lie, etc):

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1 comment:

  1. Nice work. :) I cannot wait to see these objects in action.
    maybe you could add an animation for these objects when they float in the air (which I assume they do when active and used for puzzles): Maybe a green light/ ehergy on the bottom of them or something like that so that it doesn't seem as if these would be randomly put in the air.