Phase Puzzle Prototyping

Remember I've been talking about those phase puzzle prototypes? Well, here's a little sneak peek! 

First up, a super easy first challenge, which is a variation of the first prototype I showed in the Back from the Holidays post last week, but with the new movement. As I said in that post, we'd be removing the ropes and have to rocks hover from left to right rather than swing. Also, they won't be rocks in the end, but something more flying fortress-inspired, but that's something that we'll take care of later:

Next up is one of the new mechanics we'll be introducing: mirrors! Technically we've had mirror blocks in block puzzles using the phase shift mechanic before, but these blocks float to the left and right (or up and down) as well! Other than that difference, they work the same way as the regular mirror blocks - when you phase onto them, you'll bounce off them in another direction:

Finally, here's a GIF showcasing the above mechanics, as well as a third "twist" on this puzzle idea - a block which sucks you in, and lets you travel with it:

Note how the character gets sucked into the block with an arrow? If you press the phase/attack button once more, you'll launch from the block in the direction the arrow points. In the future we might have similar blocks where the arrow spins, so you have to manage both the block's position, as well as the arrow! Oh dear!

As always, ALL the graphics here are super work in progress, so it'll look completely different once we're done :) Stay tuned for more!!
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1 comment:

  1. Oh yea, these are awesome ideas you have there.
    These blocks with spinning arrows should make ti in, it sounds intense.
    This almost reminds me of Donkey Kong Country and the barrels. :)