Poison Rooms & Phase Puzzles

As I mentioned last week, we're set to redesign the final challenge you face in Mt Bloom (the first two being the Spinsect challenge and a flower mini-boss). As I also mentioned in that post, we wanted to throw in a type of phase puzzle, where you use the phase shifting ability to dodge flying objects. 

In order to refine this mixed bag of challenge, we had a meeting where we discussed exactly how we wanted the new challenge to work!

We decided that we want to split the challenge into 5 parts, using poison gas and phase puzzles every other room. So, first you'd make your way through poison gas, introducing you to the mechanic (pretty much what's done in the first steps of this old poison challenge prototype), then you'd enter a flying-fortress like abandoned complex, where a set of phase puzzles have been installed. 

Here's my super detailed and clear (not really ;D) sketch of the entrance to the complex (right), and the first room, which will be some kind of entry hall with old machines and such (left):  

Here you'd do one or two introductory phase puzzles, teaching you the basic of the mechanic, before facing another poison challenge, where you have to battle a set of enemies. Surviving that challenge, you head on to face two more puzzles, these ones a bit more complex.

Finally, you'll have to venture through a last set of poisonous gas, do two fights and phase past another obstacle before reaching the final phase puzzle, which hopefully will end up suitably challenging!

We've continued working on the prototypes for the phase puzzles as well, and I feel like some of the new mechanics we've introduced will end up being really interesting. But - that's another blog post!
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  1. As always this sounds very nice and interesting. Nice work you guys.

    Let me ask a few questions though:

    1.) Will the rooms with the phase shift puzzles have additional and new sprites of an abandoned fortress ruin (like pillars or inactive machinery or floor panels)? That would be awesome. :) It might even be used for the poison rooms (again a few fortress decorations here and there, but still a dave).

    2.) Will these later phase shift puzzles have poison as well or rather not?

    3.) This challenge certainly sounds complex. Five different areas is quite a bit, but I like that.

    1. Thanks! :D

      1) Yes, that is the plan! The phase puzzles will be part of an old ruined Flying Fortress-inspired complex :)

      2) Most of them won't, but I think we'll have an easier phase puzzle challenge towards the end in the final poison room

      3) It might be a little bit complex, though it probably sounds more complex than it is. Hopefully it'll feel cool in the end! :D

  2. I would love for us to learn a new skill in the upcoming dungeons. Something other than just phase shifting, I'm not sure what, but a new ability would be awesome.