Puzzle Block Variations, Part 1

Today I'm gonna work on the puzzle blocks Fred created! Since there will be quite a few of them, we wanted to make a bunch of decorative variations. Also, since this place has been abandoned for a long time, we thought it would suit them to be properly worn and overgrown! So, that's what we're gonna take a look at today! 

I'll divide this post in two and save the other one for later, since I don't like it when the videos get too long, and a 4 minute video for this task seemed a bit silly!

As you might notice, I'm focusing on the basics in this step. Ironically, it takes a while and doesn't really transform the blocks that much - I've just added some cracks and moss, really. However, this step is necessary for the second part, where I'll be adding more fancy decorations such as mushrooms and greenery! That part will, also ironically, be much easier and mostly feature a bunch of copying and pasting - but the results will look more extreme. Kind of silly, huh?
The top two blocks are the original ones that Fred made, the rest are my edits. Now: 10 more blocks to go~
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