Time Travel Zone01 - Garden Improvements

Before jumping back into doing Phase Puzzle stuff, I'll throw in this post from the first Time Travel Zone, this time showing some improvements I made to the little garden area! Before I started working on improving this piece of the zone, here's what it looked like:

Now, in this video I'll be replacing the path with stepping stones, kind of like what I did outside of the house in the bottom corner of the above picture, back in a post from a week ago, creating a new tree, adding more zen-inspired garden stuff, plus moving some things around a bit!

And here's the finished, improved version:

I'm not 100% sure of the sand decorations yet, I might go ahead and rework those a bit again - it's fast and easy, anyway. We'll see! Otherwise I think this garden feels a lot more alive now. It's less strict and has a lot more greenery.
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