Time Travel Zone01 Improvements, Part 1

Ready for more background work? 

For the longest time I've been very disappointed with the way the first map of the time travel temple looks, and since we still need to sketch the next areas a bit together as a team, I decided to go ahead and spice things up in the first map while waiting for Fred to get back from his Christmas holiday!

Here's the lower part of old map:

And I don't even know where to begin in terms of what I dislike. It's the colors of the houses (which feel more like a lame "Falu red" color than the classical asian look, which was the inspiration for this area), it's how empty it feels, how little details are added... The list goes on!

So, I'll spend a day or two improving this map, starting with this lower part and divide it into a bunch of blog posts featuring the various upgrades I add. I intend to record my work and upload videos of it all on my YouTube channel as well, so keep your eyes open!

Here's the first video, featuring the first bunch of upgrades: 

Quick question - do you prefer this format (long video with lots of different things), or would you prefer that I split it into shorter videos of each "part"? Like, one video for the sign, one video for the stuff I did around the house, etc? It really doesn't matter to me, I just don't know whether people prefer watching shorter to-the-point videos and are intimidated by 5-6 minute videos or if they prefer longer ones rather than get spammed with 500 uploads! What do you think?

Anyway, first thing I did was add a little sign next to the statue. Not 100% sure what exactly the sign will say (or depict, as so far all the signs in the game show art rather than text), but I have some ideas that I will run past Teddy & Fred later on :)

Second, I changed the color of the big house (the barracks!) a little, and added some details to the weapon racks:

Old Version

New Version
Then I went ahead and added a bunch of details to the little house in the corner! First I changed the colors a little, then I removed the path leading up to the house, replacing it with stepping stones, and added what I imagine to be a little mailbox but could be anything really :P

Old Version

New Version

Tomorrow I'll post part 2, so stay tuned! :)
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