Time Travel Zone01 Improvements, Part 2

Time for part 2 of improving the Time Travel Temple's first area! This time around I'll be focusing on making a few completely new props, while yesterday was more about editing stuff.

Here's the video:

First up - the entrance to the next part of the area (the garden)! It really looked boring before so I thought I'd spice it up by adding a torii-inspired decoration, plus a sign indicating that you're about to enter the garden!

I also made an oblong flower pot that I'll place here and there for decoration! I'll probably make a smaller one as well, that will be shown in a later post :)

After this I made a zen garden-inspired patch near the house. I'll probably add similar patches in other areas, if they fit. Perhaps I should make a few tools lying around it as well? Or perhaps a character working on it :)

After the improvements these two days, this part of the area is beginning to look a bit better, but there's still some things I wanna edit and add! Stay tuned for part 3~ :D

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  1. Event hough I really liked the old version as well this one definetely looks a lot better.
    Also wow this 3rd dungeon will take a lot of time to create, in terms for art anyways.
    Without really knowing the time it took to build the previous two dungeons I just throw in June as my prediction for this dungeon to be completed (including the main boss and the arcade rooms). I guess it's bigger than the previous two as well, since the 2nd dungeon was considerably larger than the 1st (I guess each numbered dungeon will be more complex and overall larger than the previous one?).

    Given that this is just one version of one zone for this dungeon may I ask you how many zones are rooughly planned for this? Cause if you need to work on two versions of each zone including the rooms of the buildings... that's insane. Unless you can reuse most of the stuff for later zones.

    1. Yeah this dungeon will be very art-heavy indeed :D Probably the most art-heavy thing in the entire game, I honestly don't think the fourth dungeon will come close to this scope (but you never know) ^^

      There will be three areas in total, with various sizes. The second area will be the biggest one, with a lot of houses and obstacles that you need to navigate both in the past and present. It's definitely gonna be a lot of work, but at least it's fun so I'm not complaining :D

  2. Heh, thanks for the answer. :)

    Hm, three big areas. I guess some of the houses will have puzzles and obstacles as well (especially in the present version)? Oh and maybe some keys, cause keys are always nice to see in a dungeon. I really hope that the three remaining dungeons will make heavy (or at least heavier compared to the first and second dungeon) use of keys. :)

    Oh yes, will the third area of the town contain a temple? Even if the entire town is the actual dungeon/ temple will there still be a smaller temple to explore that you'll reach and enter in area three?

    Given the fact that there's three mini-bosses and a main boss I wonder how much there is to do between those boss battlesgiven that there's four bosses for three areas. ;) I at least hope that there's always a good amount of gameplay in between those and not boss after boss (not that it's a bad thing at all, it's just nice to have a bit of other stuff in between). :P

    Oh and one last thing about the fourth dungeon: I really hope that this dungeon is still at least as complex in scope as the third dungeon. I don't mean artwise, but size and content wise. Yeah it might be less to draw since it's one building so to speak that might almost always use the same tileset and decoration sprites for most of its rooms with only small visual additions (like a certain statue in a room or something), but I hope it's still rich in content with more rooms to explore, more puzzles to solve etc. :)