Time Travel Zone01 Improvements, Part 3

Time for more work on the first map of the time travel temple! 

This time I'm gonna begin by making a bunch of smaller flower pots, which I intend to place here and there along this map and others:

Old version

New version, with the small pots!
I then wanted to add more greenery to the area as a whole, and what better plant than something bamboo inspired? Said and done, I made some kind of bamboo-looking thingy, as well as two smaller bushes (or bunch of leaves, anyway): 

Old version
New version
Since I really don't like how the crates and barrel look next to everything else in this map, I wanted to play around with recoloring those as well. Here's what I came up with, though I'm not 100% sure this is what we'll go with in the end:

Old barrels & crates

New barrels & crates!
 Finally, I really found the entry decoration to be kind of lackluster, so I decided to do an overhaul and color swap of that too. Now it looks a lot more interesting, with more details and cooler colors:

Old version
New version
And with that, I really think that this lower part of the map is starting to come together really well! I might still change some things around, but I really think it looks a lot better than it did before:

What do you guys think? Are things moving in the right direction or no? :)
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