Transforming One Miner Into Another!

There's gonna be a bunch of miners in Mt. Bloom, and Fred has already created some of their sprites! One of them is a black bearded old man, and for his portrait I'm gonna use an earlier miner I did as a base!

To start off, here's the sprite Fred made:

And here's the old portrait, which I'll use as a base:

To start off, I begin with doing a color adjustment for his hair, so it matches the new sprite:

I then start repainting the moustache and add a beard, using basic colors:

I think him having longer hair would look nice, so I add some more hair on top of what's already there, and begin to reshape his nose:

Then I slightly edit his eyes and eyebrows, making them a bit thinner, and add highlights to his beard and hair. Finally, I change the color of his shirt so it's blue - this will be changed on the character sprite as well, and is quite easy to achieve there using color replacements.

 In the end, here's the finished sprite:

And for those of you who just wanna watch a video or GIF of the progress, here they are:

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