Another Mystery Room...!

You know what guys?! It's time to make another room! What room, you ask? I'm not gonna tell you that! Not yet, anyway!

Again, let's begin with walls. Walls & some floor texture. It's a nice base for any room, right?

 Then.... More walls(!?):

Oh... It's starting to make sense now:

And there's a door too?! This is starting to look like the trick phasing area again? Don't worry... It's not (not really, anyway):

Some statues and monitors, really? Alright then:

It's Mount Bloom, so there has to be greenery:

 And a bunch of random props from the editor:

And did I mention flowers?

Oh.... Forgot a detail: the door is closed:

Yep: closed shut. Will you be able to open it? Yes. Will I tell you how? No way! Gotta stay tuned for the next patch! ;)
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