Phase Puzzle #4 - Second Donkey Puzzle Background!

Getting a hang of this yet? It's time for the fourth phase puzzle background! And this time around, it's the more advanced version of the one we failed at yesterday.. :)




Greenery & New Props

Editor Props

Final decorations!
Let's hope this one is problem free when it gets implemented! Creating these maps are less and less time consuming, as more props get made that can be reused in various ways. For this map, the thing that took the longest was creating the little 'bridge' between the two platforms to the right. Originally in the prototype, this was a single long platform, but I thought it would spice things up a bit graphically to have two that are connected instead.

As usual, I'm thinking of spicing up the wall in the back once the rest of the backgrounds are done, but we'll see how things work out in game first! :)
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