Poison Map #1 - Basics

This is the first map you'll come to in our Phase Puzzle/Poison Challenge, and it'll be filled with poison! Oh no! 

For our prototype (above), Teddy copy and pasted parts of existing walls from here and there in the cave, creating a makeshift map. Of course, this copy-paste madness had no layers what-so-ever so we can't really work with it in the game. Hence, time for me to step in and create the real background! 

The first step is to trace his sketch, to make sure the distances and size of each room is approximately the same:

Second, I put up walls on their own layer, following the outline while trying to give the cave system an organic feel (not too many straight lines):

Next up, floors:

 Then: greenery! Moss & vines galore, plus stairs:

 Next I start decorating the cave, adding tiny figurines from earlier in Mount Bloom, as well as old spears here and there:

Then I add the background to our editor, adding a bunch of props such as crystals, mushrooms, bushes and so on:

 And finally... Flowers. And it's done:

...Actually it's not done, I still have to make the actual entrance to the Phase Puzzle past of the challenge!! But that's tomorrow's post.. ;)
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