Poison Map #1 - Phase Puzzle Entrance!

Time to continue where we left off yesterday! Can't leave you hanging with half a finished background, right? Here's how far we got in yesterday's post:

(Man, I get tired just looking at this. When I made this background I was super sleepy but couldn't sleep for some reason, so yesterday's and today's posts are the result of me staying up literally all night working! At least I get to be productive when the Sandman fails me)

First up, I bring in some by now quite ancient graphics, from the Flying Fortress! This will serve as a base for the entry, though in the future when I have more time it's possible that I'll repaint this:

Next up, editing the colors and fitting it against the walls! Because of how the camera works, you actually won't see the top of the roof, so I didn't do anything fancy up there:

More color edits, plus I add some more Flying Fortress decorations, with some recent edits:

No Mount Bloom map is complete without a decent chunk vines and moss:

Adding some scraps & trash around the entrance (those darn kids never clean up after themselves nowadays):

Starting to add some decoration on the wall before you reach the actual entrance; some screens:

...and some odd looking tubes:

 Adding more stuff to the mountain wall, this time some lights:

Time to bring in our level editor and add some props, mushrooms & mushes galore!

Finally, flowers. And more trash, because why not:

The actually finished map, wohoo:

Only 7 more Poison/Phase Puzzle backgrounds to go!!
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