Poison Map #3 - Abandoned Room!

Time for the final part of the phase puzzle & poison challenge - the abandoned room part of the final poison map, which we started to take a look at yesterday :)

The Finished Room!
As you can see I changed things around a bit compared to the end of the video - while I was working on the background I had hidden the bricks I made in the beginning, and totally forgot all about them! I only remembered after uploading the video, so I decided to add them to the background and move things around a bit so they'd fit in better.
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1 comment:

  1. This is really awesome.

    So I finished the beta build and it was really fun, the plant boss that I ranted about yesterday wasn't as hard as I thought at first if you knew what you were doing and after figuring it out it was super doable.

    Now there's only one suggestion for the already existing phase puzzle rooms when it comes to visuals. As another decoration I'd put these big green pipes from the first poison room map there. These could come out of the rocks and lead down into the pit. With the visual effect of light going through these tubes it would look awesome.

    I heard you were working on an additional set of really challenging phase puzzle rooms. Which is really awesome. I really hope for 3-4 more rooms there. ;)
    Here's a few suggestions:
    1.) For this optional hard version I'd develop a block that will actually hurt you if you hit it. Maybe it has a laser or something similiar. I hope for another block puzzle that moves some big mirrors as well, just way more complicated this time. ;)
    Another really tough poison filled room would be nice as well.
    There could be a few entries as well, maybe giving a bit more background information about the past, maybe about Farmamera.
    Finally and I know this would be quite a bit of work, but maybe an optional boss would be nice for this area. We only had two real machine bullet hell bosses, maybe this one could be really tough compared to the oligatory bosses from earlier in the game.