Poison Map #3 - Final Poison Challenge!

Here it is, the final poison-filled map you'll venture through on your way to the final puzzle we took a look at before the weekend! Though we (hopefully by the time this post airs) already launched the new patch, I thought it would be interesting to see the WIP behind this background as well.

I've split this post in two parts, as there's a companion video featuring the creation of the semi-ruined room that will be in the lower left part of the map which I thought deserved it's own post as well.. :)

The Good Old Prototype

Sketching Away

Walls & Floor


Adding stuff with the editor

And the final version of the "little" cave system! Phew!
In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the new patch and help us hunt all the bugs! Please let us know what you think about the new content and how we can improve in upcoming content :3
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  1. Will do. :) First of all thank you for the awesome work!

  2. Okay, small rant:

    I'm frustrated a lot by that damn Power Plant. Keep in mind I'm playing on hard.
    However u till now I always felt in these fights that I had a lot of control over the fights, I could always dodge any attacks and despite being challenged a lot it never felt cheap.
    With this boss though it's a totally different story. This damn enemy, that actually isn't even a proper boss is too overwhelming. I think one thing could make it a lot better: Don't have these bouncing mushroom enemies spawn in this fight. When I foucs on all the plants which are a lot and can be hard to keep on bay all at the same time if they are growing all across the room these mushrooms keep ushing me around so that I cannot hit the flowers in time. Add to that a trizillion poison flowers on screen, pushing mushrooms attacking you and a spinsect which can be helpful but is hard to dodge if you have to take care of all the other stuff on screen. It feels too overwhelming and it takes away from the actual focus which is managing to keep all the flowers small. Sure the mushrooms can drop much needed health but they cause more harm than these orbs are worth.
    So here's my suggestion based for hard difficulty: Get rid of the mushroom enemies here as they take away the focus on the actual gimmick of this fight. Instead let these poison spitting flowers drop health orbs once in a while.The spinsect can stay as it can help you a lot in the fight, it should be killed by the laser during these laser phases though as once again the focus should be on dodging the orbs while running away from the laser. And maybe let one or two less poison flowers spawn during the 2nd phase (though without the mushrooms that's maybe not needed; it should be tested with the same amount of poison flowers but without mushrooms first).
    Right now it's what made a lot of the boss fights in Dark Souls 2 rather bad: too many minions (mushrooms) to artifically increase difficulty in a cheap way.

    That being said though everything else I encountered so far is very nice, I liked the first challenge which only took me two tries on hard difficulty.
    The visuals are nice, the new enemies are awesome.

    Oh yeah maybe you can add more spund effects to the flute playing scene, the falling rocks during the Spinsect challenge and maybe add some sounds to the spinnsects spinning around and bouncing off walls.

    Sorry if I sounded overly frustrated here. I just want to see these nice phase puzzles.

    Another thing that could be discussed if it wouldn't be better if the Caveling tells us to collect three items and we as the player can choose which one we want to do first. A bit of non linearity might be nice.

    So yeah please look into that boss fight again and make it without mushrooms both on normal and hard difficulty (instead if it becomes too easy on noral you could add one more poison flower spawning).

    1. Thanks for the feedback! :D We'll await what the other testers have to say and then have a talk about the difficulty of the boss & the other encounters :)