Power Flower Boss Portrait

Remember this guy? He's from the latest patch, so if you played it you should: 

Well, as it turns out, this battle felt a little underwhelming without the proper boss portrait to go with it. After all, this badass power flower literally blocks your way forward, like a freaking pro! He... She.... It... totally deserves the proper boss treatment!

So, let's start by using one of Fred animation frames as a base for our little boss intro:

Then, let's add it to the Boss Portrait template! ....Oh, it's a little bit too small...


Since the sprite is awfully long in every direction, I decide to change the proportions a little to better match the boss intro screen:

And then... Time to render the portrait properly!
Importing it back into the boss screen.... Looks a little better now!

But it sure aint complete without a fancy title text and sub-title:

So, allow me to introduce, The Flower with the Power: POWER FLOWER! Now with a proper boss intro screen, as soon as the next patch airs... :)
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