Return to the Temple

Ooops! I forgot to schedule this post, and yesterday was so busy I totally forgot about it until I was in bed trying to sleep, haha!

Whew! While waiting for the other puzzle room to be greenlit by our small in-house testing group I thought I'd do something else for a change! There's just been so many Mount Bloom backgrounds for a while... :D

So, after such a long detour focusing on getting Mount Bloom ready, it's gonna be nice to return to the future - and the past - again... I'm talking of the temple, of course!

When I left off, I still had some improvements to do to the upper part of the map, so I think it's high time to fix that!

The Entrance/Exit

The Left House, Surrounding Area

The Right House, Surrounding Area

The Middle Part

The Path through the Statues

Upper Map, Before the Edits

Upper Map, After the Edits
Of course, some things are still missing such as NPCs (and the like)! But that's for later, when Fred gets his hand on this :)
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