The Crossroads

Okay, so we're done with the Mt Bloom challenges, but we're not entirely done with the Mt Bloom area as a whole. There's still a few side quests we'd like to add before moving on to the next temple: whenever we upload a new patch to the stable beta we'd like for it to be a complete experience, even if it's short. And an area doesn't feel complete until you can do a few side quests, right?

Of course, once the core of the game is completed, we plan to go back and add more side quests to each of the areas in a final update. Should give our old players a reason to play through the game the way it was intended as well!

So, today I'm gonna make another room to add to the cave system of Mount Bloom. And what kind of room could that be?

Well, to begin with, it definitely needs walls & floor. It's just not a proper room without those aspects, is it?

Second, you need more than one way out of the room, or it's just gonna be plain boring - a dead end. This room is far from a dead end, it has 3 different exits! Where they lead? Why ask that before the room is even completed?!

Next up, some greenery. And a lot of figurines. Those ancient cave dwellers sure left them everywhere!

Ooops! The cave is too big. Time to shrink it a little - but just a little. Even though it's a cave there's no need to stress out people with claustrophobia!

Now: more greenery. And more figurines. Cause why not?

I launch the background into our editor tool, and fill the place with mushrooms, bushes and other decorative stuff!

And finally, I spend about 15 minutes just copy-pasting flowers all over the place, before it's done! :D

Okay, now, where does this lead? This map will actually be the before you reach the first Poison Challenge map! One of the entries will lead you to the poison challenge map, and the other will lead you to another cave, with an optional side quest/challenge! What that is, you'll have to wait and find out... :)
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