A final(?!) Pre-Patch Mixed Bag!

Tomorrow it's time for a new patch, and today as we went through the content adding last-minute patching we added a few things!

First up, an Angler Fish hat, as a reward for getting all the Mount Bloom fishes: 

Remember the "crossroads" room I posted a while back? This is what it looks (looked!) like:

And now, it looks like this:

The reason for this change is that the transition to the next map ended up looking a little weird when the wall was so far to the right! Hopefully it won't be as awkward now :)

Due to the side quests, a bunch of new facial expressions had to be made for some of the characters (what on earth is Belmont doing there, though?!):

We also added another treasure... A lab coat!

And, a mysterious note appears outside the entrance to Mount Bloom:

How strange! Now, time to get back to last minute fixing (after grabbing a little snack). See you tomorrow :D
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