A Mixed Bag

Time for another mixed bag! In this one, it's time to do some minor fixes to stuff that looked weird! 

First up, the Caveling village:

It's a little bit empty, wouldn't you say? Not a lot of breakables or greenery here compared to the rest of the Mount Bloom maps. So, it's definitely time to add some more:

Second, ever notice something strange with the Caveling portraits? Well, I did...

There's a lot of green dots outside of their ears! Ick! Time to fix that as well:

Another thing that bothered me a bit that was portrait-related, was how the bigger miner portraits overlapped the text:

Taking the portrait into my reference document, I quickly noticed that the portraits were indeed bigger than the max as indicated by this red line:

As such, I cut the portrait to fit within the line, and there's officially no more text overlap:

Okay, remember how I talked about enjoying painting item drops yesterday? Lucky me had to do a few more drop appearances for the side-quest rewards (as well as an item you may or may not get at all, but which will make a different kind of appearance)...

Finally, as we move back to the time travel zone again, I decided to change the color of the grass a bit, to give it a slightly warmer feel. The old grass, shown below, had a slightly more blue-ish hue:

While this one, the new grass, is more yellow and warm, which I hope will increase the impression of this being a cozy village (plus, it hurts the eyes a bit less):

That's all for this mixed bag! See you next time :D
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