Another Grindea Statue... Part 2

After making the new Grindea statue the other day, I wanted to compare it to the older one, the one you can find here and there across the world of Grindea. And to be honest, I was quite shocked!

I knew I had improved a bit as an artist since I made the old version, but I never realized exactly how different they would end up being! Since I really like the new version a lot better, I thought maybe I could use that as a base for a new statue to use in the present instead of that old meh one!

And here they are, side by side, the sword version and the chest version:

But wait! There's trouble! As I was going to take a fake screenshot of the statue in the first Time Travel zone, I realized it's simply too big. Take a look at this:

The orange area indicates where the user interface will be, and as you can see, it's covering the statue's face! The statue is just way too tall. Time to fix that:

They look slightly different, but in the end I think this will be a lot better. I mean, it's kind of lame to not be able to see their faces, wouldn't you agree?! :)
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