Another Grindea Statue

Last week, as I was working on improving the first zone, I thought about something. In the corner of the map, there's this little statue, where a priest and his apprentices will be praying:

Well, since I made that statue, it has been reused at several other places due to it's neat tiny size, which means it's not really that special anymore, but more of a common decorative piece. And I thought that seemed kind of boring. 

So! I decided to make a new, grander statue for our priests to worship, and I wanted it to look more like Grindea. After all, Grindea is the Goddess even in the past, and this tiny statue doesn't exactly look a lot like her. 

Here's the video of my process:

In the end, here's what the new statue ended up looking like, and I personally think this is much better:

What do you guys think? :D
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