Final(?) Mount Bloom Background! Optional Poison Challenge

Wooooooooooah guys. Okay, I'm gonna make this post super short. I just spent like 5 hours cleaning out the storage of our apartment. Wow. So much random crap. So much DUST! Did you know dust makes my face all swollen? Well... Now you and I know... Never again! (I'm so exhausted)

As you may know we tend to use Friday and Saturday as our weekend, and then start the work week on Sunday instead. Cause I guess we're strange like that, and setting your own schedule is one of the perks of managing your own business! That's also why Fred streams on Fridays, cause he's at home so he can speak english without being teased at the office... ;)

So anyway, that's why this Friday post is uploaded at 1 am Swedish time, cause I've been busy cleaning stuff and I've more or less given up on remembering to schedule posts ahead of time, haha!

(This post is turning longer than I intended.......... ON TO THE GRINDEA STUFF!)

Today we'll be looking at what I THINK might be the last Mount Bloom background, for now at least. It's for an optional poison challenge with a bunch of huge and tough crystals that won't break unless you hit them a bunch of times! So, clearing your way to the chest is gonna be tough...

Prototype Version


Walls & Floor


Editor Stuff
Okay, so a few things.

First of all, why is the map so long? Basically it's because when Teddy started prototyping this map, the corridor was going from top to bottom instead of doing the u-turn of the current version. When he changed the layout, he just didn't resize cause if we should decide to make the challenge longer, it's easier to add stuff without making the background bigger - otherwise a lot of colliders might have to be moved, and I, being tired as I am, forgot to cut the extra space from the screenshots!

Second, some of the items seem to appear above the lower walls. This is because the lower walls will appear above everything in the actual game, but in this screenshot they're still on a lower layer.

Third, the crystals all look the same, you say? Yes, that is true! In the game however, they will be randomly generated, and this crystal is just one of the different versions, which serve to indicate where they'll all appear.

....So apparently I ramble a lot when I'm tired and write blog posts. This probably turned into one of the longest ones ever posted rather than the quick piece I claimed it would be. Oh well! Time to grab something to eat and finally start relaxing! See you in the next post~ :D
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