More Mount Bloom Quest Thingies!

Let's continue on with Mount Bloom quest preparations!  

One of the quests will have you meet another caveling guy, an odd fellow called Chix, who seems to have lost his pet in the caves.... Can you help him find his dear old friend?

Of course, in order to finish the phase challenges we've been working on, you have to actually reach them first. Time to add a new entrance to the cave system! Do you remember where it is?

Also, because we want to give the players a heads up on that these challenges are difficult and purely optional, we decided to add a machine to the room before heading into the phase challenges:

This machine will be powered on after you complete the mandatory phase challenges of the main story, after which it can be used to open the door. Upon doing so, you'll receive some sort of message or warning from the people who built this place about the dangers you'll be facing ahead. 

Originally we wanted the door to simply be open when you got here after finishing the first phase challenges, but we changed our mind to make sure our players have at least some heads up on that these challenges are supposed to be harder, and it doesn't matter if you actually finish them or not (unless, of course, you're after that elusive 100%... at which point I'm afraid you have no choice!)

Another quest I'm not sure if I mentioned before, is one where you have to get past a large number of heavy crystals, which don't easily break when you hit them. In fact, it takes a long long time to get them out of the way - and it's time you don't have. You see, the corridor where you'll find these heavier crystals is filled with poisonous gas! How will you ever get through to the other side?!

The original crystal (the second one from the left) was made by Fred, but as he left for Germany a few days ago and won't have as much time to work on the game there, I was tasked with adding a few stages of cracks, as well as the stump you're left with after breaking it!

Teddy is working on another quest, as well, one which I'm going to create a bunch of facial expressions for once the dialogue is finished. I won't give away too much, but let's just say Doctor Jones has found a huuuge crystal and needs your help transporting it away. Only... His idea of how to move it is, hmm, should we say slightly unconventional?

Okay, that's enough hints and details! Time to get back do doing quest rewards and that darn final background! :)
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