Patch Time!

Teddy is finally back, so it's time to start patching! Patch should go live sometime today, if it hasn't already, so fresh in Frontline is a bunch of side quests and activities in Mount Bloom..... Can you find them all?

If you want to know how many to look for: there are two new rooms with challenges which aren't triggered by quests - you can do them by simply walking into them and uh... solving what appears before you.

There are also three quests triggered by characters in the cave. As always, we try to be pretty creative with our quests - I think you know by now that there aren't exactly too many simple fetch quests (though one or two of these might have elements similar to that).

Anyway! I hope you like these new additions! Go play them and let us know what you think :D As always, there will be more quests here in the future - but for now, it's back to Tai Ming!
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