"Phase Spark Puzzle" (?!) BG Rails

In the prototyping post I mentioned that we wanted to change the dotted lines into something that the barrels were travelling along, as well as exchanging the sparks into electricity, to kind of make the challenge a bit more clear.

We decided to go with a kind of rail which transport platforms on which the barrels are placed. In order to make it easier to spot when a barrel is appearing, we also wanted to add a proper entry point rather than the mountain wall, on which we put a lamp which will indicate when a barrel is about to appear - kind of like the lamps in the Toy Factory which lets you know when the trains appear!

Here's a little video I made where I was working on the rails and barrel entrances: 

And here's the final map, with rails and entry points added (the barrels don't point the right way - they're simply there to show you what they'd look like when placed on the platforms):

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