Tai Ming Zone 01 - Present [Barracks Part02]

Remember where we left off with this map last week? Well, here's the continuation!

I tried to keep this video a bit shorter than the previous one, to mix things up a bit. I don't know how many of you actually watch the videos, or how many of you have the stamina to sit though a whole 6-minute long one... So I thought I'd make 'em in different lengths in hopes of not boring everyone, hah!

Anyway, in this post I focus on color corrections, adding more plants, a few rocks, and ruining a few of the crates & barrels! I also ruined one of the pillars, and I should probably add some parts of it lying around in one of the next parts :)

Here's the map after this part. Starting to get a little closer, but my list of things to fix is still very, very long :)
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