Into the Editor!

Now that all the layers and items have been properly sorted, it's time to get things ready for the editor!

What this typically entails is typically very straight forward copying the item you wanna have in the editor, paste it in a new document and save it by itself, give it a neat name and you're done (since Teddy handles the colliders and such). 

When it comes to Tai Ming and the time travel function though, things are a bit different since you have two sets of items that are kind of similar but need to change color (and sometimes size), depending on if you're in the past or the present. For example, the small plants will become medium sized, and the medium plants will become big as you travel from the past into the present. 

So, what we'll do when adding things to the editor we're gonna add stuff to the Past map as usual, but instead of adding the items all over again, putting them exactly where they were, we'll make the game engine swap the small maps for the medium ones (etc). So, when I'm gonna add things to the Present map, I'll have to use a png version of the items that we already placed, so I know which ones will be there already, and add things around them as needed. 

That means the previews for the past version is probably gonna look a bit off, with items that are small when they would be big (as I'm using a png of the Past objects rather than the Present ones they are transformed into by the game engine), but then again, I could probably just wing it and add some random stuff in an extra document in order to make the previews look a bit better. We'll see!

Anyway, here are a bunch of the props you'll see in the Past and Present (ignore the stray gray pixels, I accidentally added those when I made this preview):

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