More Boss Prototyping!

The boss prototyping continues, and we've made more patterns!

First up, a more advanced version of the bullet hell we showed last time! This version would replace the previous version we showed, being more difficult as the fans come from two different directions. The version you see below would probably be the hard version, though, as it's incredibly hard to dodge all of them:

Next, a pattern based on a suggestion from the forums, where the fans create a pendulum of sorts, where you have to find the gap between the fans in order not to get hurt and find your way up to the boss. In this initial prototype, where the gap appears is random, and when I recorded this a lot of the openings were at the top. Once it's implemented it should be more varied, with more openings appearing further down:

Here's another pattern, kind of similar to the previous one in a way, where you have to dodge horizontal fans with small gaps in between. This was so hard for me, I took damage almost every time! It's likely this will become the hard version and the normal version will have bigger gaps:

Next up, another variation of a bullet hell move, where she puts you in the circle and launches fans at you that you have to dodge:

And finally, a move where you can see where the fans will move ahead of time - don't stand on the indicator on the floor or you'll get hit by them for sure!

The idea is that the boss will choose a move randomly from these and the previous ones, and depending on how hurt she is will launch an easier or harder version of the move. In hard mode, the harder version of the move will be the default, with an even more difficult version launched if she has taken a lot of damage!
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  1. Wow this looks awesome. With so many patterns this boss seems to become pretty hard, even on normal difficulty.
    There's two more smaller bosses in this dungeon area right?

    I don't want to imagine how hard he main boss will be.

    1. Yes that's right, and hopefully the main boss will be super difficult!! (in a fair way of course) >:3

  2. Heh looking forward to all of that.