Time to do all the stuff I wrote about yesterday, one more time! This time it's for the past version of the first Tai Ming map, which luckily for me doesn't have quite as many random props due to the villagers keeping things neat and tidy:

As such, this map doesn't have quite as many random layers as well, "only" 316 in total:

Thankfully I can reuse a few things from my work yesterday: for one, I don't have to remake the overlay layers, since the mountain walls are the exact same both in the past and the present (I knew it was a good idea to have this village in the mountains)!

However, for the most part, it's back to going through every single layer and deciding if it needs to be merged with something else, if anything on it needs to be separated unto its own layer, if it needs to be renamed, and where to move it within the new folder system. A few hours of this and you're definitely ready to swear you'll never create a mess such as this ever again, believe me!

One thing I didn't mention too much yesterday was how messed up certain things become when you move them around. For instance, in this map, when I was going to organize the "floor" layers, I had several different layers with different floor details, such as the paths, the edges along the water, etc. Now, what I'd like to do is merge and move layers around so I have one layer for the path, one layer for the water edges, and one for the water itself.

However, what I didn't realize was that I had painted both the water edges and some of the path on the same layer, which meant that no matter how I moved the layers around, things always ended up looking weird.

In this case, the best solution was to manually remove the excess paint that was overlapping the other layers, which meant I had to do some repainting. This happened every now and then, but usually I managed to keep the problem areas looking more or less the same as they had before merging and organizing the layers, so it's OK (even though it could have been 100% avoided by not being this messy when creating the files in the first place)!

Finally, after another bunch of hours at this, I'm finally done and I believe Teddy will have a much easier time making his way through these documents now! Perhaps they will even be easier to understand than the Mount Bloom maps, which already were a lot cleaner than maps used to be back in the days :)
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