Starting the second Tai Ming map...!

Time to start working on the second Tai Ming map! As with the first map, we'll start in the past. Remember what it looks like? Here's the sketch: 

First thing we do, is add some walls. These are actually Mount Bloom walls - since I made a ton of Mount Bloom maps, they had a lot of walls that could be reused.

Of course, they aren't gonna look exactly the same. We're gonna edit the colors a bit, to make them fit Tai Ming:

Now, the next step is to add the tiny platforms which carry the village! For these walls, I used parts of the good old Pillar Mountains. You can't just add them as is, though, there needs to be some grass along the edges:

And here's what the map looks after all the walls and platforms have been added:

This is definitely a WIP, though, as I don't like how straight the edges of the platforms are! I'll be adding some unevenness after the houses and other props are added, in strategic spots which will make it look like the platforms are more uneven than they are (keeping the areas covered by houses etc straight) :)
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