Tai Ming Zone 01 - Present [Left House]

Hello guys! Today it's April Fools, but this year I'm not gonna try to trick you (and I hope I won't get tricked either....)! Instead, I'll keep moving across the first Tai Ming map and deal with the left house:

This one will be pretty much intact, as you need to be able to go into it both in the past and the present, but the lower door needs to be closed and it can't look this whole and clean! Most of the edits will be similar to that of the right house, so I'll be reusing some of the graphics from that one:

And here's the finished house: 

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  1. This is amazing! I like your art and that you post every piece of work you do. Do you have any free time:)?

    1. Haha, thanks a lot! I actually don't post everything, but I try to post most of the "interesting" stuff :)

      I take a break from drawing most Fridays and Saturdays and focus other work on those days to keep the creativity juices up and running. So yeah I do try to get some "free time", though working on Grindea is so fun it doesn't really feel like work at all ^^

  2. It would be so cool if you had birds living in some of the empty spaces of the roofing tile. They could fly around, etc.