Tai Ming Zone01 - Present [Exit]

It's Monday! Did you guys have a nice weekend? Today we're gonna fix the area around the exit into Tai Ming Zone02! That is, this huge stone wall entrance:

What I wanna do here is make a better transition between the man-made stone wall and the mountain wall, which was revealed to look at bit strange in the last part where we totally ruined the part of the right house that was covering it up. 

We also need to block off the way from the lower parts of this zone into the entrance, so you have to pass through the right house in order to get there! And, of course, those pillars and fancy decorations can't look that whole and shiny...!

So, let's get to it: 

And here's the result:

In the next part, I'll be fixing a bunch of small things here and there on the map, and then I think we're actually more or less done with the destruction of this place!! Whew :D
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