Tai Ming Zone01 - Present [Fixes]

Time to take a look at those fixes I mentioned yesterday! While working on this map, I found a bunch of things I wanted to change so before finishing up I thought I'd go back and address them.

First up, as someone (kind of) mentioned in a YouTube comment: why is the top side of the cut off wood decoration at the entrance red, if it was originally painted that way? Wouldn't the 'insides' be completely free from color? And the answer is of course, yes, that was me not thinking things through properly! So I went ahead and fixed that:

Next, I wasn't feeling too happy about the trees across the map, as I felt they were a bit too similar to their past versions. So I actually went ahead and stripped them bare! So, no more leaves:

I also never got around to giving the tiny stone wall a proper worn-down look, so I went back and added a bunch of cracks and moss:

And this little puddle of water never got edited at all, so I went and replaced the old tree with the new, properly dead one and recolored the water + added vines:

Finally, the most important addition(?!): Lurking enemies... :)

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