Tai Ming Zone02 - Past [The Dam]

Mixing things up a bit this time by adding a GIF instead of the timelapse video! It's nice to take a break from recording sometimes, as it's one more thing on the back of your mind (keeping the recording on while working and pausing it when leaving for the restroom for instance, and as you know I've failed with restarting the recording more than once)!

So in this post we're taking a look at the dam to the right of the lab from yesterday! This dam will help you control the water levels of the second Tai Ming map, a feature which is crucial when it comes to solving certain quests. 

Here's the super early sketch:

Adding some lines:

Filling in the base colors:

Adding some details, grass and shadows:

A machine appears:

Adding some shades and details to the machine:

And some stuff to power it, true to the Flying Fortress style energy they use in this part of the world and, uh, time:

And then we add some more details! Editor props, floor decor, flowers & rocks:

And here's a GIF of the whole thing + a few more steps:

I've left the wall blank for now, so Fred can make whatever kind of opening he like and animate it in any way he wishes without having to think about how the wall is decorated. I'll add the decorations there once the opening is in place (unless Fred wants to decorate the wall himself)!
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