Tai Ming Zone02 - Past [Entrance, Part 1]

Today is actually Fred's birthday (go send him a happy birthday message everyone!), so I'll be gone celebrating him all day. Maybe I'll make a little post about how we celebrated our fellow Pixel Ferret later! For now though, let's keep it up with the Tai Ming village:

Now that the "basic islands" are in place, it's time to start putting in the houses and decorations! We'll begin at the bottom, working our way to the top. So, here's the first part of the entrance:

Here's the entrance before I added anything at all:

In the present day, you'll be fighting in this area, but in the past it'll just be a little introductory island. I begin with adding a path:

 Then, some walls - the people of Tai Ming don't wanna accidentally fall of the edge now, do they?

A sign greeting whoever comes to their village, as well as some stone steps to get there:

And of course, the statues that will turn into enemies in the present:

I'm gonna continue working on this, but since I'm waiting for the props to be added to the editor and they are needed for the final look, I'm gonna pause here and start writing this blog post and render the video instead, showing you the second part next time! Stay tuned! :)
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