Tai Ming Zone02 - Past [Entrance, Part 2]

Moving on where we left off yesterday, it's time to add some more props and the editor thingies to the Tai Ming second zone entrance! 

Here's a reminder of what it looked like last time:

This time I begin with adding one of those cherry blossom trees in the corner. Instead of putting this one on grass like the ones in Zone01, I decided to have this one on some dirt, decorated with a circle of tiny stones. This gives it the feeling that it's been planted there purposefully rather than it growing there randomly:

Next up, the bridges! The top one connects to the main island of zone02, while the right one has been broken, meaning you have to find a way around to get to the tiny island to the right:

Next, the house! I had some problems deciding on which color to use for this one, as you can see in the video. In the end I decided to go for a red shade, but it might change later on. I guess it depends on what colors the other buildings end up with (that is, if I can decide on those)!

Then, time for the editor props! It's so much easier and nice to put these things in with the help of the editor, since you can move things around very easily - not to mention it saves Teddy the headache of putting in colliders and stuff manually for everything ^^

Finally, some decorations on the grass - flowers and stuff :) I'm now happy with the way this island looks, I think it's a nice start for this peaceful mountain village for sure!

Next, I think I'll move to the island on the left, which will have an inn and another "regular" town house!

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