Tai Ming Zone02 - Past [Road to the HQ]

In today's post we're moving further upwards from the dam and the ape-lab! It's time to add a bunch of carpets where salesmen sell their wares, kind of like the travelling merchant at the Evergrind Festival (with the exception of these being, I assume, a bit more permanent)! 

This is kind of quick, since I spent most of this day doing all kinds of small things here and there, but I thought it'd be nice to have another update on how the map is coming along before I start working on the next big thing on this area, the HQ! 

Anyway, here goes: 

The original sketch

What it looked like before I started to work on the map

Adding the path

Three carpets for three merchants!

Some items for them to sell...!

And the finished thing! Next stop: the HQ!

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