Tai Ming Zone02 Preparations

Well, today was an interesting day! We woke up to the freezer having opened mysteriously during the night, which meant basically all our food had thawed. Fun times spending a few hours throwing our frozen meals and evening snacks, then cleaning up the whole thing and getting a ton of new food! Oh well, the show must go on...!

The first Tai Ming zone is more or less completed for now (at least until Teddy gets his hand on it, after that I might edit a few things - we'll see). Instead, we're turning our eyes to the second map! As we ran though the map one more time before I started working on it, we decided to fix a few things:

For one, we wanted to change the greenery area outside the HQ to sand. This isn't really important in this sketch, as I haven't even started making the graphics yet, but it's good for me to remember. 

As you can see above, we also moved the white/pink oval shape from the left corner to the middle of the right side. The oval shape actually indicates a portal to the present, and we made the move as we wanted the corresponding area in the past to be a bit longer:

Basically we wanted more room for fighting. Which is the theme for another edit at the bottom of the map:

Here we also wanted more room for fighting, as the entry area felt a bit small, especially if you're a party of 4 players :)

After finishing up the props for the editor I really felt like some stuff was missing from the area as well, and decided to throw together another kind of tree to put here and there:

This tree will be added to the editor as well, so I'll get a screen of the trees in action once Teddy has started working on getting them in. Speaking of Teddy, here's a sneak peek of what he's currently working on: 

Yeah, that's right! It's the boss! Coming soon to a ruined village near you... ;)
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