Back in Action

Whew! I'm back guys!!!~~

After almost two weeks of absolute crazy, things are calming down a little. I have 500000 scratches on my hands, but at least that's a sign that Link the cat is feeling better (he does NOT want to take his medicine peacefully)! On Monday we're going back to have him checked out to see if he is still responding will to the medicine, but for now he seems stable and active enough, getting a little more energetic every day, so I'm hopeful! :)

I've slowly gone back to working after making sure the apartment is safe for a sick cat (we had to keep the other cat away from him for a while, taking turns keeping them in different parts of the apartments cause they hate each other when one of them is sick - or at least, Dante hates Link when he is, Dante has never been sick himself - lucky bastard (or is it Link that's unlucky?)). Hopefully things should be back to normal from now on, with the regular updates Sunday-Thursday :)

As a first step, here's a little something I made the other day - a stack of barrels:

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