Gotland Game Conference 2016, Part 1

You know what I, and, I suspect, Teddy and Fred had forgotten when we set out this work week? That this weekend was Gotland Game Conference, and we were invited to be judges (which has kind of become a yearly tradition: 2015 - Day 1, 2015 - Day 2, 2015 - Day 3).

While it kind of sucks to have been gone for almost two weeks, and all I really want is to get back to working properly, we probably wouldn't be where we are without the GAME department of our old school (plus hanging out with other devs talking about how to make the best game is of course a lot of fun), so backing out would have felt pretty lame!

And so, we spent this Saturday looking at presentations and trying to games out!

Yesterday we were supposed to meet up with Humble in Stockholm, but because Link the cat is still sick and needs medication throughout the day, we ended up not being able to go. It would have been a lot of fun, but it's so important Link gets his medicine now so he can make a full recovery :(

So, instead of combining business with fun in Stockholm, I spent most of the day at home working (while I would have loved to attend the outings for the judges at GGC, my conscience simply wouldn't let me stay away from work any longer), but tonight I'm going back to play any remaining games I might have missed and watch as the winners get announced, so that's gonna be fun at least!
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