Gotland Game Conference 2016, Part 2

Today was the last day of GGC, which basically means the scores we gave the games over these days are put together and prizes are awarded accordingly. The weather has been absolutely amazing these few days, so it's been nice to get out a bit from the office, even if we all really long to get back to work properly! 

I mean, look at these pictures I took along the harbor and beach next to the event area: 


Anyway! The award ceremony was really cool as usual. The jokes delivered by the people presenting the awards this year were hilarious and a lot of really promising game concepts got awards! One of my personal favorites were Cryptogram, which won best 1st year project:

Cryptogram is a game where you're stuck in a series of room, and the only way forward is through a hidden door opened by pulling a book in a bookshelf. In order to know which book to pull, you need to follow the instructions in a mysterious diary, where you first must understand which room you're in based on the author's descriptions, and then you need to solve a riddle or puzzle in order to know which book(s) to pull in that specific room. 

The game had such a cool H.P. Lovecraft vibe, with a monster slowly crawling closer towards your room, and if you're not solving the puzzle quickly enough, it'll catch you for sure! The puzzles/riddles were cool and you had to know a little bit of literature to understand which book to pull, which was a huge bonus as well! Very well deserved win.

The winner of best of show (also known as the PWNAGE award), as well as several other awards, was a second year project called Anchored, which I unfortunately never had a chance to play: 

There's a trailer for the game here, in case you're interested:

I'd definitely like to try it out if I get a chance later, unfortunately things were just a bit too hectic during the exhibition since we decided to stay home and work yesterday!

After the award ceremony there was a party above the event area, which was a lot of fun and a nice chance to just relax and hang out with people: 

After a couple weeks of worrying about the cat it definitely felt good (though again, I'm really hoping we can have a few regular weeks now, where we can actually focus on work 100%)
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