New Editor Stuff for Zone01

Remember how I made Zone01 before we had any routine for using the editor and stuff? Well, as a result, I had added a ton of props to the background that we typically use the editor to add, which meant there was no sane way for Teddy to sort them properly or add colliders to them in the game.

As a result, we decided that the best thing to do would be to simply remove all the items I had added manually that we usually add with the editor, and re-add them with the editor instead. It took a while to remake everything, but since I could freestyle a bit (and since we had added a bunch of new props since I added all the things manually), I think it ended up much better in the end!

Here's the Past version:

The past map without editor props!

The past map with all the editor thingies added!
One thing that's annoying when trying to show the Present version to you guys though, is that some of the things that I add to the background will change when you travel back in time. For instance, the cherry blossom trees will wither and lose their leaves, but since that's an effect that only happens in the game engine and not with the editor, I can't really take proper screenshots of what these areas will look like, at least not until Teddy has implemented them properly so I can show them directly from the game.

For now, you'll have to imagine that the cherry blossom trees will look more dead, and that the other plants have grown larger, as they will in the actual game:

The present version without editor stuff...

..Aaand after the editor thingies have been added!
I can't wait for Teddy to actually implement the transition between these two. I hope it's gonna look cool! :D

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