One Tiny Mixed Bag!

As I was getting back to work, I noticed a few things here and there that needed fixing, so I thought it'd be a nice way to ease into the regular work flow: doing a bunch of smaller tasks rather than jump straight into one big one! So, here are some of the things I've been fiddling around with:

First up, one of the NPCs that will play a kind-of important role in the dungeon. We felt she looked too young in the first version, and needed another, even older version for a later map where some time have passed:

For the first rework I just grayed out her hair and added a hint of wrinkle at her mouth, while the second, older version has lighter gray hair and wrinkles both near her mouth and around her eyes.

Next up, we wanted the ape house to look a bit stranger than the rest of the houses, so as a first step I added a bunch of different-looking chimneys, indicating this house is a little more advanced than the rest. We also have plans for Fred to add some cool stuff to the house, such as a water wheel or something similar (plus he might animate the chimneys as well), so I think it'll look pretty cool in the end!

Here's a small edit: removing the pointy edges from the entrance part of the fence surrounding the HQ. You wouldn't want your guests to get hurt by them, now would you?

And finally, adding a staircase where I forgot one was needed! By using this, you can reach the lower level after using the dam to make the water level sink :)
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