Portrait of a Fisherman

Okay, It's Monday so it's officially a new week (although ours kind of started yesterday, but whatever)! This week I'm gonna focus on portraits - there are a few that still need to be made for the first Tai Ming zone, including a boss portrait which I hope to finish this week as well. 

Today, however, I'm gonna be making the portrait of a fisherman, taking a nap next to his fishing pole in the upper part of the map:

Sprite by Fred

It's been a long time since I made a portrait again, so this was a bit of a struggle. It's definitely easier when you're making several in a row, but on the other hand it's nice to mix things up a bit as well! 

Super quick sketch!

Basic Lines

Color Blocking

Some shades & Highlights

Adding a few details and recoloring the line art

GIF of the process...

...aaand the finished sprite!
His skintone looks a bit lighter than the sprite, so I'll prolly have to adjust that later (along with 5000 other things I always wanna change afterwards), but I'll save that for one of those "mixed bag" days where I fix a ton of smaller things. 
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